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The “Sardine Pollastrini di Anzio” company was founded in 1889 by Salvatore Pollastrini; due to the availability on the local market of a great quantity of fish caught
but not daily consumed, Salvatore Pollastrini created the first Italian company specialized in canning sardines.

At the beginning, the company was dedicated to the production of sardines canned with olive oil. During the fifties the Sepe family, after more than sixty years of experience and devotion to the fishing fields of activity, took over the “Pollastrini” company, starting the new production, using an old family recipe, of canned sardines with tomato sauce and spicy sardines. Afterwards they also produced other canned sea products as salted anchovies, pickled and salted sardines and clams.

Today the form former production is carried on in the modern factory in the industrial area of Anzio, on behalf of the more than fifty years experience and the professionality of the workers, respecting the old recipies down from generation to generation. The rigid application of the most strict sanitary regulations and the use of advanced technology, permits the company to guarantee a first quality product well known in Italy and abroad.

The Pollastrini Company cans only the most high quality type of sardines of the Mediterranean Sea the “Clupea Pilchardus” which is particulary rich of Omega-3 and other elements necessary for the physical energetic requirements of every human being.

The Company produces and commercializes four types of sardines, in steel cans of 100 grams each with various flavours: olive oil, tomato sauce and olive oil, hot spice and olive oil, and with tomato sauce and hot spice and olive oil.The Company has recently added to the traditional production of sardines the commercialization of yellow fin tuna fillets in olive oil and natural and of natural mackerel with olive oil in glass jars.According to the principles for the respect of the environment, the “Pollastrini” company uses ecological material for the packing of its products.

Pollastrini International S.r.l.